Are Bats And Dogs Related?

Bats have long-spread membranes like wings and take agile and smooth flight when traveling from one place to another. Many people think they resemble dogs due to their appearance.

Are Bats And Dogs Related? Bats and dogs are indirectly related to each other because some species have the same facial appearance, belong to the same super order, share common ancestors, have well-developed senses, and are social with their family members. However, they differ in many ways because they have different adaptations, food requirements, and habitats.

People often compare them with other animals because they have some common traits and behave like different mammals in the wild. They are also included in wildlife species and are not suitable to keep as pets or with other animals in the same place. 

How are bats and dogs related?

Many scientists and researchers think both of these are related, and they have studied their instincts and common traits.

Face appearance

There are approximately 1400 species of bats, all of which do not look the same. Some species have small heads and large ears, while others have small bodies and large heads.

Some species look like dogs, such as African fruit bats, because they remind you of dogs whenever you see them.

There are some bats that have dog-face, especially megabats with large snouts, small ears, and large eye sockets, which causes them to look like puppies.

The African fruit bats are also known as dogs with wings because they have heads like puppies and large lips, which make their appearance similar to dogs.

However, not all of their species look like these animals, and the reason for their dog-like face is unknown to scientists because they do not have much in common.

Same super-order

Both of these belong to the same super-order Pagasoferae. This super-order consists of animals like cows, dogs, whales, and cats.

However, bats belong to the order Chiroptera and dogs fall into the order Carnivora, but the super order for both is the same, which causes them to relate to each other to some extent.

It is not essential that all animals and mammals in a particular order or sub-order behave the same or look alike; however, in some cases, they can show similarities in appearance or behavior.

Moreover, the studies show they are less likely to relate with dogs, and bats are considered to be the distant cousins or relatives of horses rather than dogs.

The relationship between the super-order animals is somewhat complex, and scientists are still studying and discovering new facts about the detailed relationship between them.

Common ancestors

It is also believed that both share common mammalian ancestors and DNA. However, the common ancestors of these two species are not yet known, and researchers continue to find the exact relation between them.

The ancestors died millions of years ago, leading a distinct path in their evolutionary history. They adopt different traits and lead to varying paths in life after their ancestors.

The study of their ancestors is viewed and discovered from the fossils, genes, and related anatomy.

It helps the researchers to study the details about the mammalian species and their relationships with each other in the past.

Well-developed senses

Both of these share some common DNA and possess well-developed senses, such as they can find prey with their exceptional hearing qualities.

They can detect a range of frequencies, such as ultrasonic sounds, which helps them communicate with group fellows and find the prey at any spot.

Moreover, many of their species can see better in dim light and become active at night because you often see them foraging for food and roaming in the wild and open areas during the day.

They do not possess all common traits and differ from each other in many ways, and they live in different habitats.

Social behavior

Studies about these mammalian species show they are social, but their social behavior varies with different organisms, such as bats are less social with humans and many other animals.

However, they interact and move with their groups to avoid predators and interact with each other during mating or breeding season.

Dogs are also exceptionally social with other group fellows and love interacting with humans. They are well-adapted to live in groups and communicate with each other using high vocalization or barking.

Their social attitude with other animals and each other shows they are related to each other to some extent, but the relation is not very clear.

How do bats and dogs differ from each other?

They differ from each other in many ways, such as bats can take flights and fly from one place to another, while dogs cannot.

Bats have wings and thin skin membranes stretched to their limbs, which helps them to fly. However, dogs are terrestrial animals and use their four feet to travel from one place to another.

This main difference between them urges people and researchers to think about how they are related to each other.

Moreover, they are mainly insectivorous and feed on various insects, while dogs are carnivores and omnivores and eat fruits, meat, dead animals, and other things available around their living places.

They have an excellent sense of smell, while bats are good at hearing and detecting ultrasonic sound waves. They are wild and cannot be domesticated, while dogs are domestic animals and adopt the behavior humans teach them. 

Will bats attack dogs?

They are not likely to attack dogs because they prefer to keep their distance from large animals, as they perceive them as predators and try to avoid them.

They do not like interacting with these animals and can only attack in self-defense when they enter their habitats and try to interact with them.

It is not common for bats to go and seek these animals to attack, as they have different food requirements.

However, they can bite or attack the dog if the animal com closer to their roosting sites where they have their young babies and show aggression.

They try to escape and fly from the endangered place rather than attacking or biting the animals, and they scratch or bite the invaders in rare cases, as they are more scared of pet animals and humans than we are of these scary creatures.

Do bats and dogs get along?

They usually do not interact and communicate because they have different habitats and do not come across each other.

However, dogs can chase them out of curiosity and can sense their echolocation in the surroundings. Their interaction depends on the circumstances and the specie type, as some species are more aggressive than others.

Bats can enter the house, and the animals sense their presence if you live in rural areas or have a home in an open area near the forest. They can be injured if dogs bite their fragile wings.

It is better to keep your pet inside and keep an eye on the animal when playing outside the house because wild birds or animals can cause harm to the pet if they get into a fight or have some conflicts.

Are bats dangerous to dogs?

Bats are famous for carrying various parasites and diseases, such as rabies, because they live in the wild and feed on many insects. 

They can bite or scratch the dog if the animal enters their roosting sites and transfer the germs or disease.

They have small teeth and can bite the animals if threatened; therefore, it is better to keep them separate to minimize the potential threats and risk of diseases in these animals.

Moreover, they can cause other diseases, such as Hendra and Lyssavirus, if they bite the animals. Therefore, they are dangerous for many animals, insects, and birds.

It is better to call the wildlife center if they bite your pet because the chances of rabies from animals to humans are high.

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